Owner’s Bio

About Chef Rob

Chef Rob came from humble beginnings as a pot washer in the Netherlands and as he dedicated himself to his trade, he worked his way up in the kitchen ranks.  After establishing a reputation for himself, he decided that he needed to branch out and learn more of what the world had to offer.

He worked in small family-run hotels and restaurants in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  He then decided to move to London and joined than staff of the “London Hilton On Park Lane Hotel” as their 5-Star rooftop restaurant’s Chef de Partie.  After his stint in Europe, he decided that he needed a warmer climate and moved to the Caribbean for the following 12 years as an Executive Chef for large hotels in the ABC Islands of the Netherland’s Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao).   This is where he met his beautiful wife and partner, Corrie.

They moved to Belize in 1999 and Chef Rob went into management at the Radisson Fort George Hotel where he catered to celebrities, heads-of-state, and members of the British Royal House.  Chef Rob decided to make history by creating the nation’s first televised cooking show which spurred a series of culinary events including TV shows and annual culinary  and hospitality events.  After a few years, Rob and Corrie, along with their son TJ, decided to move to Hopkins and begin their own legacy with Chef Rob Gourmet Café, followed by other small businesses.

About Corrie

Corrie has been involved in the hospitality industry for almost her entire life where she learned the art of cooking, management and hospitality management.  She has been involved in restaurants and bars with a wide variety of specialties including traditional Dutch snack bars, to French haute cuisine, to exclusively Japanese style restaurants.   This allowed her to become a flexible and highly adaptive person, which helped her to be successful wherever she went.

She was raised in the Netherlands until her family moved to the Netherland’s Antilles; more specifically, Aruba, where she spent the next 12 years.  It was here that she met Rob, after which they moved to Bonaire and Curacao working as a dynamic and unstoppable team.  It was a few years later that they decided to move to Belize, where their handsome son, TJ, came into their lives.

While in Belize, Corrie opened and managed several successful business ventures in the hospitality industry.  She also became involved in several philanthropic organizations in Belize including the IWC (International Women’s Club) where she was President for several years, fundraising events for orphanages, and other women’s rights groups.  Her dedication to charity and excellence in business, combined with her friendliness has allowed her to become a pillar in every community that she has lived in.